Land Clearing Or Excavation

Land Clearing or ExcavationCommitted to total quality, “M&M Construction” provides a cost effective and timely solution at projects where excavation is needed.

We have extensive range and state-of-art excavation equipment designed to vacuum extract many different aggregates from unusual and remote places. All of our excavation operators are specifically trained to operate every piece of equipment professionally. Our equipment can be dispatched within an hour for emergency situations.

With years of experience in all manner of excavations, we can also offer expert advice on what’s possible, what’s not and all the required planning permits and paperwork.

Our excavation services include:

  • Services/Site cuts
  • Bulk excavation/Footing excavation
  • Removal of demolition material/Land clearing
  • Tight access excavation
  • Trenching and back filling
  • Demolition

We’re specialists in sites with limited access. We have the tools and skills to remove earth and building materials down narrow laneways and household paths.

We regularly carry out bulk excavations to make sure that development sites are presented in an optimal condition for redevelopment and sites may have been left uneven following previous work, or may require leveling or re-grading to accommodate a change of use.

Along with excavation services, we also provide:

* Demolition Services

* Total Demolition

* Partial or Selective demolition

* Site Demolition

* Interior Demolition

* Exterior Demolition

With vast and superior experience and industry knowledge, M&M Construction delivers fast and efficient solutions to have all of your open and narrow access excavation services.

Whether you require land clearing, concrete removal or site cuts, we will definitely provide a better service at competitive pricing. Whatever the condition of your site, we have the experience, the plan and the expertise to re-engineer the site.

Trust us in our commitment to on-time and quality work, whatever the size of the project. To take advantage of our wealth of knowledge, or to receive a quote, please contact us at “(817) 662-7425“