Partial Selective Demolition

Selective DemolitionPartial or Selective demolition is the process of removing only selected parts of a property, rather than removing the entire structure.

M&M Construction works closely with our customers to ensure smooth ongoing project from start to finish.

Our services include:

* Commercial and Residential demolition and Removal

* Fire, Accident and Flood/Mould Damages Removal

* Old or Existing Floor Chipping and Removal

* Brick/Framing/Concrete Wall Removal and Deconstruction

* Exterior/Interior Demolition

* Asphalt/Concrete Cut and Removal

* Fireplace/Chimneys Block and Brick Removal

* Custom Opening in Concrete

The partial demolition process requires the experience, patience and ability to work around condensed working areas, operating businesses, strict timetables and of course budget. We use a variety of demolition equipment with complete attachments to ensure an efficient, safe and effective demolition.

Along with Partial or Selective demolition services, we also provide:

* Demolition Services

* Total Demolition

* Excavation

* Site Demolition

* Interior Demolition

* Exterior Demolition

Because of the expertise available with us, we can demolish in such a way that only a shell remains. A new format could then give the building a new destination while preserving the historic appearance.

If your aim is to have an Environmentally Sustained and Safe project, we can achieve this goal with competitive pricing. Contact us for more information at “(817) 662-7425“